2.5 MW permanent magnet direct-drive platform

High power generating efficiency 

  • Permanent magnet generator (PMG) eliminates the need for electrical field excitation and resulting electrical losses.
  • PMG is more efficient at partial load (outputs less than rated capacity) than induction  generators.
  • Variety of rotor diameter offerings maximizes efficiency in various wind regimes. 

Compact, light & easy to transport 

  • Goldwind’s 2.5 MW wind turbine was designed as a smaller and lighter successor per MW to  conventional geared 1.5 MW machines.
  • The marriage of a PMG and direct-drive technology results in the lowest-in-class  top-head mass.
  • Crane requirements for the 2.5 MW are the same class as our competitors’ 1.5 MW offerings. 

Superior power quality and grid code compliance 

  • Full power converter provides flexibility to meet the most stringent grid requirements.
  • Advanced control systems provide curtailment and ramp-rate control.

Significantly reduced maintenance costs and total operating expenditures 

  • The design philosophy of the 2.5 MW PMDD wind turbine eliminates the sources of expensive  faults that require crane mobilization.
  • The absence of slip rings and carbon brushes in the generator eliminates maintenance activity and reduces operating expenditure, faults and downtime.
  • Only one moving part in the drive-train compared to an average of 13+ gears and hundreds of total parts in a conventional gearbox. There is also no need in the Goldwind 2.5 MW wind turbine drive train for high-speed bearings, couplings, and high speed brake parts. 

Single bearing arrangement: 

The Goldwind 2.5 MW turbine has been designed with a single bearing for a smaller physical structure, further removing weight and enabling easier transportation.